Pyropanel is the UK’s first fire resistant LED Lighting Panel.

Pyropanel is specifically designed to prevent fire passing through it for the required 30-minutes to receive BS476-22 accreditation, making it compliant with Building Regulations Part B (2013), L2A and L2B and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (commonly known as the fire regulations).

The Pyropanel can be used as a surface mounted panel light with our own surface mounting box or a recessed panel light which fits into 600 x 600 suspended ceiling grids, making it perfect for office ceiling lighting, commercial ceiling lighting and corridor ceiling lighting.

Great light quality available in cool white 4000k and daylight white 6000k, 3700 lumens, 351 Lux at 2m distance, no flicker, no UV or IR generated and low glare rating of <19 UGR to comply with HSE – HSG38 Lighting at Work guidelines. Low energy consumption 48w fittings with 5-year warranty!

We believe the Pyropanel fire rated LED panel is the perfect low energy product to produce great quality light and maintain the fire rating of a 30-minute fire rated ceiling.

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Pyropanel LED Ceiling Panel Light

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Mains Input:
Light Source:
Colour Temp Options:
Lumen Output 4000K
Lumen output 6000K
Operating Temp:
Life Time:
IP Rating:

230-240V AC 50/60Hz
2835 SMD LED
4000K / 6000K
3600 lumens
3700 lumens
-20°C – +40°C
50,000 Hours


Function Options

3HR Emergency (M3), Self-Test (ST), DALI (DA)

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