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What began as Theoretical Science has evolved into an unmatched quality of light. Soraa’s unique approach to LED design and meticulous construction mean their LEDs render white and colour, from violet to deep red, perfectly, creating natural full-spectrum light. Contact Coco Lighting to discuss the perfect Soraa lighting combination for your next project and to view a demonstration on why designers love Soraa.


Soraa lights can be found in some of the world’s most elite museums, distinguished retailers and luxurious hotels. The best designers on earth use Soraa to bring their work to life and create experiences that are unforgettable. Now you can too with lamps in stock for next day delivery directly from our UK warehouse.

soraa vivid light


Behaviors, emotions, well-being and human interactions depend on seeing colours as they were meant to be seen. Since natural light starts at violet and ends at red, the accurate rendering of colour requires light to have the right amount of spectral content in every wavelength from 400nm to 700nm.

soraa white under light


Colour scientists have long known that violet light plays an important role in our perception of another colour—white. The myriad shades of white are ubiquitous in our environment, conveying emotions of clarity, brightness and space. Manufacturers and marketers strive to create ever whiter whites with fluorescing brightening agents. But the colour of light that allows us to see true whites is violet.

soraa high r9 value


From violet through deep red with an R9 rating nearly identical to the Sun, Soraa Vivid™ makes every colour come alive. The colour rendering index (CRI) is based on eight pastel colours, and none of them are red, so a bright red tone (R9) was added. A high CRI without a strong R9 can mean lifeless skin tones and reds, without the vibrancy that comes from this critical colour. Soraa Vivid has an R9 value of +95, among the highest available anywhere. So reds come alive and saturate the senses.

soraa beam and shadow


The superior light spectrum created by Soraa technology goes hand-in-hand with uncompromising optical quality. Whether the precision-cut prismatic lenses in our lamps, or the highly engineered, optical light guides in our ambient fixtures, the light we produce is characterized by uniformity and crispness. So, while our light begins by rendering colours, whites, and reds perfectly, it completes the scene by finishing in sharp, clean shadows and beams.

soraa visible colour lighting spectrum


Soraa harnesses cutting-edge colour science, as the only LED that spans the visible spectrum from violet through deep red (R9) along with the state-of-the-art TM-30 colour rendition method, revealing a natural saturation and precise rendering of specific colours.


As the only LED that spans the violet spectrum, Soraa is leading innovation in this field, having developed its own calculation method to render white tones faithfully. This is the foundation for Soraa’s Natural White technology, carefully optimizing these techniques to result in infinite shades of white— just as found in natural light.


Soraa Arc™, the combination of perfect light and modern form. Boldly designed and built around the slimmest profile die-cast heat sink in the industry, Arc is optimized for superior thermal management and features the high quality of light you’ve come to expect from Soraa—an unmatched balance of full spectrum color and white rendering; superior light distribution; and clean beams delivering beautiful light across a multitude of applications.

All Arc luminaires feature Soraa VIVID™ COB light engines with full spectrum 95CRI, R9>95 and Rw 100 typical. Black and white finishes are standard; custom colors are available on request. Arc luminaires with 9°, 10° and 15° beam spreads are also compatible with the existing Soraa SNAP SYSTEM™ to further customize beam and light color.

soraa light fittings

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